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-Building Long Term Capacity for Managing and Adapting to Climate Change in Africa and Asia

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Vulnerability and Adaptation

Climate change and other forms of global environmental change pose significant threats to the wellbeing of people in all parts of the world, but most particularly in the developing regions of the world. Food security, access to water, provision of ecosystem goods and services, livelihoods, health, and development prospects are all threatened in the developing world by global change. Global and regional scale research on biophysical systems and processes has and continues to advance our knowledge of the changes to which human society is being exposed. But managing and reducing the risks from global environmental change also requires understanding of social and economic systems, their interactions with environmental systems, their vulnerabilities to suffer harm from variations in the environment, and their capacities and options to cope with, recover from and respond to environmental change.

START's program on Vulnerability and Adaptation seeks to promote and enhance capacity for (i) research that advances understanding needed for environmental risk management and (ii) communication of risks and response options to decision makers and at-risk groups. The program emphasizes integrative research that bring together physical, natural and social sciences, participatory approaches that engage stakeholders with scientists, and decision support methods that focus on information that is needed to make better decisions.